Sunday, November 1, 2009

sketch dump: 10/2009

The top five drawings are for five more book covers for my special edition Sketch Dump 'zines, which will be on sale next week at the Richmond Zine Fest. I used lots of reference photos and liquid watercolors to make them, and it was a joy getting back into drawing animals over ultravivid psychedelic backdrops once again. The bottom five drawings are from a couple of sketchbook exchanges, the first four in my wife's sketchbook for a DC exchange I started recently. The very bottom image is a collaboration with Ellen, who is part of round two of the sketchbook exchange started by Andrea Martinez. Elen draw a light pencil sketch of three cartoon jack-o-lanterns, while I added color, grass and ghosts. Normally I loathe doing holiday-related art, but this one was definitely lots of fun to work on.