Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"the lure" finally finished

Today we finally returned from a nice, long, surprise winter break. It's insane - the snow we've had, and I enjoyed it in many ways. At this point though, I'm ready to see more green and less white out there. I think most of us are ready for some warmth and sun. In the meantime, I was able to put some of my time to good use, in addition to the shoveling and cleaning, I was able to complete my first official painting of 2010. I'm so painfully far behind the pace I ideally set out to accomplish, but at least one is finished. It's a 24" x 30" acrylic on canvas work entitled "The Lure", and it's mostly based on a drawing I made last year in my Moleskine, which was then colored in Photoshop (see the image below). This was a far different style of painting than what I've been used to, but I wanted to see if I could work in a style similar to some of my recent drawings. The flat colors and linear abstractions didn't leave much room for error and at times greatly tested my patience. I now have a deeper respect for artists who have mastered such a style. I'm tempted to return to a looser, more painterly style, which I enjoy working with more, however, it wouldn't be useful in rendering the works/series I have envisioned. Now I just have to sign and date this one.