Saturday, February 6, 2010


In my nearly nine years living out this way, this blizzard is definitely the biggest I can recall. We had a very similar one back in 2003, and the one from earlier this winter hardly compares. It started coming down steadily Friday afternoon, and by this morning we were completely covered. At least our school called off yesterday, and we're officially off next Monday and Tuesday as well. It looks like we may get another eight-to-ten inches on Wednesday now too! My wife has friends over from Trinidad whose flight has been cancelled tomorrow and rescheduled for Monday. This has been quite an experience for them, and instead of hiding indoors, we took pictures today. At least our parking lot got a crew of trucks in to clear it out. Still, it's virtually impossible to drive across yet. It shows how extreme and unpredictable the weather here in Northern Virginia can be. I remember my first winter here, and barely seeing two inches of snow. The worst of this blizzard was when the sky lit up bright yellow several times last night as local transformers blew out. At the same time, it was strangely beautiful. At least we still have our power working. In the meantime, I think I'm ready for Spring to arrive. Click HERE for some more and bigger pics on my Flickr stream.