Monday, April 12, 2010

cherry blossoms everywhere

I love Spring. There's always a sense of renewal and optimism that comes with this time of year. Unfortunately, it wreaks pure havoc on my allergies, as many people can relate to out here. When Kris first met me, she always wondered why the heck us Americans would always make such a fuss about the weather. Coming from a climate that is fairly consistent all year 'round, and then experiencing one of the worst winters in VA recorded history, she now understands this American obsession with the weather. Recently we were invited out for a brief drive to Bethesda, Maryland to witness the local cherry blossom trees in full bloom. In the nearly five years I've been blogging, I don't think I've ever posted once about this, surprisingly. On the same token, I've only been out to the DC area a couple of times in April due to the insane crowds these trees attract. The trees were a gift of peace from Japan many years ago, and usually bloom for about two weeks in mid-April. This year the blossoms arrived early, possibly due to all the precipitation we got last winter. Whatever the case, It's nice to know that we could witness this spectacle of nature firsthand while still avoiding the DC craziness. I'll be posting more of these pics on my Flickr stream as well, hopefully.