Monday, April 19, 2010

from the archives ("gray sky morning, buckroe beach")

A couple of July fourth's ago, Kris and I were invited out to Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia to attend a cookout and watch a fireworks display. I had never been to, or even heard of this beach before, though it was not too far from the more popular Virginia Beach. For a good portion of our stay, the weather was somewhat cool and overcast. On our final day there, I remember getting up earlier than everyone else, still being on my internal teacher clock, and going out for a post-July fourth beach walk. While most people probably prefer fun and sun when they visit the beach, I find days like this far more appealing. I'm glad I had brought my little camera along for the walk, and the photos I took recall the quiet rhythm of the waves rolling in and out, peppered by the occasional, yet consistent sound of seagulls. After the bombastic spectacle from the previous evening's festivities, it was good to find some peace and quiet and space to think.