Thursday, April 1, 2010

scenes from the leesburg animal park

Yesterday Kris and I celebrated the gorgeous weather by visiting the Leesburg Animal Park in Leesburg, Virginia. Unfortunately, the giant tortoises were still in Florida until the weather warms up more (they're expected to return in May). Still, it was well worth the visit and the price of admission, and to our pleasant surprise Wednesday is discount day on admission. While there were quite a few animals I didn't take photos of, I found myself really fascinated by the chickens, of all things! The highlight was the gibbon couple, who were a study in contrasts - the male being somewhat reserved and neurotic while the female was a real free spirit, swinging around and showing off like a champ. While I'd love to see some of these animals with a little more space (though quite a few of them where almost completely free) , they appear to be very well taken care of. I highly recommend dropping by if you're in the area.