Wednesday, May 26, 2010

from the archives ("chair shadows, moma, nyc")

I had never been to NYC until July, 2006. My friend Chris, from Pittsburgh and I decided to go that summer, mainly to check out some of the well-known art museums. It was both a miserable and fun experience for me. Most of the misery came from both my full-blown bout with poison ivy and the extreme heat while visiting. With such an awful combination, I could barely hold my sanity together. Still, there was so much to see and do, and the many sights and sounds served as somewhat of a distraction. It seemed strange having to pay so much to get into the art museums when I've been spoiled by all the great free museums here in the DC area. The expensive parking and food prices were off-putting as well. Strangely enough, the things I enjoyed most about NYC were unexpected surprises such as the Virgin Megastore's superb selection of music. Also, things like reflections on buildings and shadows cast from structures both natural and manmade were in abundance. My friend, who has a good eye for design and interesting shapes and forms (but never carries a camera) kept pointing out things to me, like the content of the photo you see here. It was taken right outside the MoMA on a sunny afternoon. Taking this, and similar photos made me think how often we look at things but don't really see them. The same can go for sound as well, and I find it takes a real effort sometimes to stop, or at least slow down and get into the sights and sounds we might normally take for granted. Imagine that - modern art found outside the Museum of Modern Art. It's all about how we frame things.