Wednesday, May 12, 2010

from the archives ("dome at handley library, winchester, va")

For a couple of years I lived in Winchester, Virginia because the rent was so cheap. Soon gas prices began to skyrocket and the morning and evening commute got too long and congested. By then, I was ready to return back to Leesburg, where I've been ever since. During my stay in Winchester, there wasn't a whole lot going on unfortunately. One of the things that made staying out there worth it for a little while was the Handley Library, only several blocks down the street from me. The building itself is a beautiful and unique historic structure, which includes the glass dome pictured here. Usually on Sunday, around 11:30 AM I'd grab a coffee or tea and wait at the coffee shop across the street until the library opened at noon. By then, a line of people had usually formed outside the library doors and it was always nice to be greeted by the big, illuminated glass dome above the entrance walkway. The place had an amazing collection of independent films on DVD, most of which were screened at the library in their beautiful underground theater, every two weeks. I'd usually walk out of there later that afternoon with a stack of those films on DVD and return them the following Sunday. The library was always a good place to unwind after work as well, and often times I'd grab a newspaper and some magazines and leaf through those for an hour or two in the magazine room. You would occasionally find some homeless men or train jumpers hanging out in there, but more often than not, they were never a problem. For me, the library was always a place of comfort and refuge, and while I've spent time in many, the Handley will always be my favorite.