Wednesday, May 5, 2010

from the archives ( "pond at the leesburg animal park")

The first time I visited the animal park in Leesburg was in 2007, when I took this photo while on a hay ride. There's a big, shallow pond at the edge of the park full of big fish, as well as ducks and geese. They seem to coexist peacefully, minding their own business - something I've seen in many ponds in many places. It was interesting to see their response when the tractor, full of people along for the hay ride, would drive on by the pond and stop, so people could throw a hand full of complimentary seeds into the water. In no time, the fish would all appear, flopping over and under each other in a mass feeding frenzy. It was a surprise they could even find any food at all. Several ducks (I counted six in this photo) would also converge, not frazzled by the wild, moving mass of fish, looking for their share of food as well. I was going to attempt to make some semi-deep, pretentious analogy about the fish and human behavior, but instead I'll just say, this was really cool to witness and made for a great shot.