Sunday, May 30, 2010

saturday photo stroll in leesburg

Yesterday I took a long walk around Leesburg, VA, and took my camera along for the stroll. I haven't done something like this in a long time. Probably not since last Fall, when Kris and I went around town with our cameras in tow. Unfortunately, Kris, who works part-time at a local, major shopping establishment, was stuck there all day, dealing with the hoards of bargain-happy customers. She got home wiped out and exhausted, telling me about how much people spend without much thought about it. Crazy thing is, this kind of thing happens every time she works there. Though I did do lots of work around the apartment, I still felt kind of bad for enjoying such a peaceful, quiet day outdoors in the gorgeous weather. When I dropped Kris off and later picked her up from her workplace, I was astounded by the onslaught of cars. Normally the lot is pretty full to begin with, but this took things to a whole new level of absurdity. To me, it was quite a hellish spectacle and I felt bad my wife had to deal with it. Luckily, she's a far more happy-go-lucky person than I, and she can roll with the punches and has a lot of fun with her fellow employees, seeing the humor in just about everything. It made me wonder how people could waste a beautiful day away shopping for clothes, but then again, we live in an area where many people feel the need to keep up with the Jonses. This strange behavior has always baffled me. Buying clothes you need is one thing. I guess this is why we as a country (and increasingly the world) are in some massive, dangerous debt. If I'm coming off as a bit judgmental, I make no apologies. I don't envy these people but instead, feel pretty bad for 'em. The need to fill a void with things and more things and not everyday experiences is sad. I know I've been guilty of it on occasion. Who hasn't? Anyhow, I think many people need to stop and begin to question their values. In the meantime, these are some photos I took while on my walk yesterday. Maybe I should go to my wife's workplace where there are still sales going on amidst droves of shoppers, and take a bunch of photos to illustrate the contrast between a peaceful walk and a day of shopping. On second thought, maybe not.

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