Saturday, May 1, 2010

sketch dump: 4/2010

Happy May! Finally, the weather is warming up some out my way. I'm trying too hard not to think about Summer Break - it's still a long way off, but the temperatures are starting to suggest otherwise. I find one of the biggest challenges is living in the moment, rather than planning ahead all the time. When I'm most "in the moment" is when I'm working on some kind of art. Kris recently asked me why I don't draw all the time like I used to (when she first met me). I should have told her it was because I got married, but I don't think she'd have found that quite as humorous as I might have. Truth is, she's very supportive and encouraging and is always pursuing something creative herself. This is why I started my new A Splotch Monster A Day blog, so that even if I didn't have much time to draw or create, at least I made some effort. If you've been following that blog, you're already familiar with some new friends featured below. Above is some work from a couple of sketchbook exchanges I belong to, as well as a tattoo design, which is one of several I've been commissioned to draw. I think this might be the last time I feature Splotch Monsters here so they don't end up taking over this blog. I think they'll be quite happy residing at their new found home from now on.