Wednesday, June 16, 2010

from the archives ("lil' kris")

It's funny I even call this weekly series "from the archives" when most of the photos I've posted are probably no more than a few years old. In the context of digital photography however, we take so many more photos nowadays, that these "pics" from a few years ago seem almost ancient sometimes. This photo however was taken without a digital camera back when "pix" were developed on film. The photo itself is truly from the archives, from nearly three decades ago, and the subject is a little girl on a rocking horse on a tropical island far from Virginia. Who knew that this adorable little girl would later grow up to find herself leaving her sunny Caribbean home to live in the states and make a new life, with me? Who knew she would still, as an adult, be just as adorable and remain a kid at heart? I have my wife's mom to thank for sending me this priceless photo in the mail!