Thursday, June 10, 2010

from the archives ("twin hi-way drive-in")

Remember the drive-in theater? I grew up going to them as a kid. My very first movie-going experience was at the drive-in - Star Wars, to be exact. It was one of my most vivid and favorite childhood memories. Seeing those words appear on the big screen followed by two spaceships cruising into space, under the stars, outdoors, could only be described as awesome for a six-year-old boy. I saw many other great films at the drive-in as a kid as well, including Tron, the Fox and the Hound, and The Black Hole. There was no surround sound or 3-D (or 4-D for that matter), luxury seating, or air conditioning. In fact, what I did recall were crappy, steel speaker devices you had to put in your car, gnats and stinky bathrooms. But it was worth it, and that was only the downside to it. I miss the drive-in, perhaps because I grew up with them as a kid. As a teen, I quit going to the drive-ins. They were disappearing and weren't considered cool anymore. This one in particular - the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA, and the photo was taken around the summer of 2006. Not too long after I posted it to Flickr, one guy commented on it, claiming that very drive-in was resurrected and back in business. Looks like there's some hope left for the drive-in after all.