Sunday, July 11, 2010

dear diary

I've been outside drawing trees at some of the local parks lately. This one is actually a combination of a couple of tree sketches I made last week. This was made for the Illustration Friday topic "diary" and here I went with the stereotypical young girl writing under a tree. I will admit, I used to do some of my own writing in a journal for a while. I ultimately lost interest in this practice and quit. Soon after, I started getting back into drawing and sketching again. Now that I think of it, a sketchbook itself is a diary of sorts, where memories of what was seen (or imagined) gets recorded in a journal. It's funny 'cause it feels like I get to know the places and things I've drawn after observing something so closely after a while.

*Pigma Micron pens and watercolors in A4 watercolor Moleskine, 7/2010