Monday, July 12, 2010

early summer cloud show

Recently Kris and I both got ourselves new little Cannon PowerShot Digital Elphs. We had a little extra money and both needed our own small cameras to easily tote around where and whenever. My last Elph has seen better days and isn't working too well after several good years of usage. So far I really love both the indoor and outdoor shots from my new Elph. Now Kris doesn't have to hear me whining about how I wish I had a smaller camera with me to get shots of some of the amazing cloud displays we often see when we're out and about. All of these photos above were taken with the new camera during the past month, and I decided against doing any digital altering whatsoever, so as to capture and display exactly what I saw when I took the photos. I find the best time to get good cloud shots is during evenings, shortly after it has rained. I'll be organizing the original, much larger versions of these photos and more in my Flickr stream soon.