Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm a sucker for claymation - it's an art form you don't see much anymore unfortunately. There's a real charm about it that you won't find in other forms of animation. I'm also into a good old-fashioned story with a moral, which again, seems to be more and more of a rarity today. My wife, who grew up with this short, sent me a link to this wonderful little claymation film. Much like early Sesame Street shorts, this film, which came out in 1992, was ahead of its time. What I love about it is the creative use of various foods as props.Below is a little more about "Nguyamyam".

"Nguyamyam" is a colloquial word in many parts of the world meaning "to eat". This enchanting children's short animated video depicts an edible planet called Pakaskas and shows how the inhabitants are eating up their precious resources. It teaches children what will happen if they do not take care of their environment. In this case, a hero called Inggolok eventually has to move to another planet and can be seen promising to carefully tend his new home. (United Nations films 1992)