Tuesday, July 6, 2010

orbital : "the girl with the sun in her head"

"In Sides is the closest I have got to a religous experience. Being an atheist that is no small feat. Amazing band."

"Long time Orbital fan here, just listened to this track while driving through absolutely stunning New Zealand South Island scenery. Better than sex. Almost makes me well up, it's such a perfect track and a flawless album. I always cite Orbital as a band who haven't produced an album that isn't worth listening to."

Above are some quotes I found on You Tube referring to the amazing Orbital LP "In Sides" and accompanying track "The Girl With the Sun in Her Head" from 1996. I remember picking this CD up from the local Media Play while still in college, and playing it nonstop, every day for weeks. Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll made music as Orbital for nearly two decades before deciding to pursue solo projects several years ago. Influenced by the likes of American hip hop, house and techno in the late eighties, as well as electronic pop pioneers like Kraftwerk, Orbital made techno far from mere dancefloor fodder. Each album had some sort of theme, a couple of which expressed environmental concerns. In fact, this very song was created entirely through the use of solar power. In the meantime, word on the street is the brothers Hartnoll are talking about possibly joining forces once again. Let's hope it's true.