Friday, July 2, 2010

sketch dump: 6/2010

Being part of a sketchbook exchange can be both highly rewarding yet somewhat frustrating. The positives include the inspiration from other group members, having fabulous work from fellow participants in your book, online group discussions and positive feedback, etc. The negatives are the occasional backups, the waiting for books from other members, as well as lack of communication, especially when books go MIA for a while. Sometimes life hands us more than we can handle in a given timeframe, and falling a little behind is only human. The fear however, is never seeing your book again, which has happened to me twice in one particular exchange I belonged to. Still, not to delve too much into the ranting here, especially since the five drawings/paintings in this post were very much inspired by the work from members in the Moleskine swap I currently belong to. Every time a book arrives in my mailbox, it's like a mini-birthday. Work always looks better and more alive in person, and it's a treat to leaf through the pages to see what people have been up to. Sea life was a recurring topic in this last journal I worked in, and it got me interested in trying some myself. I've always been fascinated by the deep sea "creatures" - the dwellers miles below the surface. I find that drawing forces me to research things and be a constant student of life, whether that knowledge comes from a Google search engine, a book, the local museum or outside. I mean, who knew something called the Banded Piglet Squid (second drawing from the top) even existed?! Reality is indeed stranger, and far more fascinating than fiction.