Tuesday, August 10, 2010

basking gammera

Kris and I never get tired of watching our turtle Gammera. Lately he seems to be slowing down, which he tends to do towards the end of Summer. He's been eating and swimming a lot less and has been spending more time basking under his sun lamp on top of his log. I bought the log - an artificial one by Zoo Med a few years ago, and it's the best purchase I've made for Gam. He loves it and uses it to climb and bask on, swim through, and even sleep in at night. It can be pricey, averaging forty dollars, but I found a good price HERE. I've even witnessed Gam underneath the log, shuffling back and forth, attempting to speed up the process of shedding his shell scutes - something he'll be doing soon. It looked as if he was stuck underneath the log, but after a while it took me some time to figure out what he was up to. One thing that is not recommended is the act of aiding a pet turtle in the shedding process, by trying to manually pull loose scutes off. This can do some real harm to the turtle's shell and overall health and doesn't help the animal in any way. In the meantime, Gam says "hi"!