Monday, September 6, 2010

sketch dump: 8/2010

Well, more like a "splotch dump", but there was definitely some sketching going on. Unlike with July, I didn't do any observational drawing or sketching in August, mainly because I was putting so much energy into my Illo Friday drawings, as well as these guys. So, I decided to choose my favorite eight from about 31 in August. Half of them were done in a watercolor Moleskine for Andrea Martinez's Moleskine exchange, and the other four were made in my own sketchbook 'skine, which is full of Splotch Monsters and now officially finished. Right now I'm doing some on various patterned scrap papers, mostly from either Kris' scrapbooking excursions, or from school/work. Still, I'm planning on getting a watercolor Moleksine of my own and filling that one up with Splotch Monsters as well. In the meantime, I need to do more observational stuff again this month!