Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sketch dump: 9/2010

Is October really almost halfway over, and I haven't even scanned and uploaded any sketches for last September's sketch dump?!
Shame on me. It's been a busy school year I guess, but as you can see, I did get some sketching done. The sketches above are all from the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, which I visited last month as well. They're from some photos I took, though I'd like to get out there again and sketch directly from life. The quick, gestural style was a nice change of pace this time around, and I was somewhat influenced by a wonderful book I recently bought for a real low price called " Olly & Suzi: Arctic, Desert, Ocean, Jungle". I was surprised I never heard of this artistic duo before, and the book chronicles their journeys across the world, drawing and painting from wildlife. I highly recommend it, if you like animals and art! Below are five of my favorite Splotch Monsters from September as well. As always, I had some difficulty choosing.