Wednesday, December 22, 2010

artist feature in rooms magazine, issue #3

Late last summer an amazing art publication from the UK called Rooms Magazine sent me an e-mail to see if I was interested in submitting some art to be featured in their mag. Of course I said yes, and filled out their forms, which was a fairly long but not too difficult process. It was well worth it too, as you can see by the quality of this magazine! Their publication is available in both print and online form. Since I've got some work in it (see below), I'll soon receive issue three from them in the mail, which I'll post about here in the future. 

2010 has been a year of many ups and some major downs. Getting my art out there this year, and having it appreciated, sold, and in the company of the art and artists I love has been a major up for me personally.  In the meantime please check out and support this truly excellent magazine. Issue one is officially sold out, and you can find this fine publication in galleries and boutiques throughout England and globally.  Thank you Rooms for the fantastic work you do and for this opportunity!