Thursday, December 9, 2010

blanket magazine featured artist

A little while ago, while browsing the internet for some creative inspiration, like I sometimes do, I found this amazing online art and design publication called Blanket Magazine. I saw they had a call for artists to be featured in their upcoming issue 25, "The Celebration Issue". They were also looking for art for their annual downloadable calendar. So, on a whim, I thought I'd send some files their way. When the magazine's editor Bec Brown e-mailed me a couple of weeks later telling me they wanted to feature my work in their calendar, as well as interview me, I was literally speechless. Honestly, I didn't think I had much of a chance at all, especially with roughly 90 other entries from around the world competing for a spot on the calendar. Up to this point, I was also required to keep it a secret, which was no easy task. 

The magazine itself comes out six times a year and is subscription only. After receiving my free issue this evening, and leafing through, I can see why. It's just as good, and in many cases, better than many professional publications out there in the stores right now, and is literally jam-packed with outstanding art and design and creative inspiration. I can't say enough good things about this mag. This month's cover art is pretty astounding too - a collaboration between Simon Wild and one of my personal favorite artists, Thereza Rowe (aka Tiny Red), who I interviewed at my blog a couple of years ago! I highly recommend  supporting this beautiful publication and purchase yourself an issue. Issue 25 also includes the downloadable annual calendar free with purchase. You can buy the calendar separately however, if you like. 

What makes being a part of the Celebration Issue truly special is the timing. I remember being in the hospital the morning before my mom passed away, and deciding to take a few minutes to get out of her room and get some fresh air. I was emotionally and mentally drained at this point and decided to check my e-mail, which piled up within days. Most of it was garbage, with the exception of one with the interview questions from Bec, as well as a few others. A small part of me almost blew it off, as I thought it might be trivial to participate in this, considering the circumstances and my state of mind at the time. Then I realized, this was not the case at all, and if anything, it was crucial I did this for so many reasons, both personal and simply as a matter of principle. So, without much hesitation I answered the questions and sent them away. I knew I had to focus on the positive more than ever and found the theme, celebration, to be more than appropriate here since, not only did I do this for myself, but for my mom, whose life I continue to celebrate each and every day, in my own life.