Sunday, December 5, 2010

cartoon cult art opening at the soundry, vienna, virginia

Last night The Soundry art space in Vienna, VA had their art opening for Cartoon Cult. The show features cartoon-based art works in the form of painting, drawings, prints and sculpture from seventeen local artists. 

I was blown away by the intricacies of these three acrylic works. I tried working in the style with little success.

Above are some original panels from my friend Matt Dembicki, whose work looks pretty stunning framed, matted and on display there!

These little drawings on found papers by Matt Somma were very cool. You should see this guy's paintings too, in his studio at The Soundry.

Christiann MacAuley's simple comic works cracked me up, especially this one pictured above. 

To my surprise, I saw a red sticker on the label for my recently completed Splotch Monster Medley! In fact, there were a couple of interested buyers lined up for this one. Awesome!

Check out that keytar that penguin is rockin'. Wicked painting.


Matt Dembicki (above) snapping away at the show. Matt did a real nice job blogging it up too today.

I got four more Splotch Monsters lurking around the Soundry. It was fun explaining how they're made to some folks last night. 

There was lots of great, vibrant art to see up there in the music performance gallery. The opening was a little more low key than previous, which was kind of nice for a change. A good number of people did pass through however, and it was great seeing folks checking out the work and having a chat.

If you're in the Vienna, Virginia area, do not hesitate to drop by the Soundry. There's art, music, great coffee and drinks, and good food. Work for Cartoon Cult will be on display through the end of December.