Saturday, December 4, 2010

kris loya at king street coffee

Last night my wife Kris had a little solo art opening showcasing some of her photography at King Street Coffee in Leesburg, Virginia. She has eleven photos in the show, which she allowed me to help her curate, since we didn't have much time to get set up in November. 

I've always loved Kris' work, and was so glad to see some of it on display for others to see last night. She's developed a real ability to see and show simple, everyday things in a whole new light. Lately she hasn't been able to get out and shoot these days, but with a few more weeks of her temporary stint in retail about to end, I know she'll be out clicking away again soon.

Above are a couple more shots featured in the show that I forgot to photograph hanging in the shop.

Last night was also the light up night festivities in Leesburg, so the place was jam-packed with locals as well as out-of-towners. I wasn't able to get too many good shots (usually someone would accidentally walk in front of me in mid snap), so I dropped by the house this morning, where it was far more calm and peaceful. 

Artist, teacher and music-man Gary Rudinsky now has a regular gig at the place, performing alongside other musicians and singers every First Friday. Some of my former students from several years ago were there singing as well last night, doing an amazing job. 

Glass-blower Dario de Hoyos and his partner-in-crime Mike of Photon Glass Works were there selling some of their Christmas tree ornaments. Kris and I bought a couple from them last night, and look forward to visiting them in their Leesburg studio sometime soon. 

If you're in the Leesburg, Virginia area, don't hesitate to stop by King Street Coffee this month. The coffee and pastries are always excellent and Kris' work looks so much better in person. Her photos will be on display through mid-January.