Sunday, January 2, 2011

artist feature at eye collector magazine

While in Trinidad last week staying at my wife's mother's place, I vowed not to touch the computer while away. I didn't even bring my laptop with me. Then halfway through our visit, we got word of the nasty weather that hit the East Coast (our flight was out of Newark, NJ, where my car was also parked) and decided it would be a good idea to at least go online and see what was going on. The news was stressing me out, almost causing me to forget about the wonderful weather I was currently experiencing on a small Caribbean island across the ocean. That, and a 5.0 earthquake, which I'll write about more later this week. One thing however that really made my day was a kind request from Austin J., who wanted to feature some of my art at his new webzine called Eye Collector. What also made me happy is that this great new art magazine is based in my neck of the woods. This is pretty exciting news, 'cause I think the D.C. area is rich with excellent artists of all kinds. Anyhow, my feature went up today, so check it out if you want. For more on this fine publication, go HERE.
Thank you Austin for a job well done!