Sunday, February 6, 2011

artist of the week: eric m. scott

I chose my good friend (of 20 years!) Eric as this week's artist of the week at Go Flying Turtle.  For one, his work is simply awesome. Second of all, he's got a solo show going on at King Street Coffee in Leesburg, VA until the end of February. I took some photos but as with last time at my wife's show, the lighting wasn't good for my little camera, more suited for outdoor shots. Anyhow, a couple did turn out decent (below), featuring some of Eric's visual journals and merchandise, including his excellent book Journal Junkies Workshop. Kris and I bought one of his smaller works (the little rectangular gray and white piece in the middle), which can serve as a free-standing sculpture or one to hang on a wall. I highly recommend checking out Eric's work and show, if you're in the Northern VA area.