Saturday, February 12, 2011

got my rooms!

My issue ( issue #3) of Rooms Magazine finally arrived in the mail yesterday, after a long day of Kris and I moving into our new place (sorry for the lack of Blogger activity lately). It was a nice way to unwind, leafing through these pages last night, and it was an even nicer surprise to see some of my animal-based works on a couple of the pages. It's one thing to see this kind of thing online, but in person is always a whole other experience. The mag itself is fantastic - thick, sturdy pages, lots of content and lots of art! I really enjoyed some of the interview and gallery features as well. Rooms is looking to expand its distribution, so if you have a gallery, boutique, bookstore or cool shop, please consider supporting good art and carrying their publication. If you are an artist, take a chance and submit your work. It's a slightly lengthy process, but well worth it!