Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What do a pair of seals attempting to French kiss have to do with layers? Originally I was going to do one of my more imaginary drawings involving layers of sound in music, then I had watched a great National Geographic program on TV , while at the gym about Galapagos wildlife. One segment that grabbed my attention in particular was about the seals who live on the island. There was a portion where it showed the alpha male, who is very protective over his territory, constantly being challenged by younger males. The alpha male (who was given a silly title I can't recall right now) usually initiates a battle when another male enters his territory, aggressively charging trespassers. They end up duking it out pretty good, however despite biting the heck out of each other's necks, the thick layer of fat on their bodies keeps them pretty well protected, and what appears to be a pretty intense fight ends up no more than a fairly vigorous session of rough play. Apparently the Galapagos seals are very playful mammals in general, and even play with the marine iguanas who graze in the shallow waters, swimming along side them and bumping them with their snouts (much to the dismay of the lizards).

*8" x 10", 005 tip black Pigma Micron pen and watercolor on watercolor paper, made for the Illustration friday topic "layer", 2/2011