Monday, February 7, 2011

the soundtracker

Last week Kris picked up a DVD from the library that made me an instant fan of a man I now consider a modern day hero, Gordon Hempton. This isn't your typical action hero however, but rather a man of action - a silent hero if you will. The DVD is a documentary film released by Indiepix called Soundtracker, which follows Gordon on his journeys in sound recording across the world. His own personal story is one as fascinating as the "sound portraits" he diligently and relentlessly attempts to discover and record for the rest of the world to hear. Gordon is a man on a mission, and has been for quite some time, trading in life's more typical luxuries, as well as sacrificing common human trappings for a life dedicated to sound. There's so much more to it than this though, and while I've seen enough incredible documentaries to dedicate a blog to, this one is well worth a mention and checking out. In a time and culture where infantile behavior and obnoxious "celebrities" are worshiped, it's so good to see folks like Gordon doing his thing, and getting some recognition for it to boot. Here's a recent Newsweek interview with Gordon in the meantime.