Friday, May 20, 2011

carpaccio guide to emerging illustrators, photographers & artists vol 5 is out

I got an e-mail this week from Atem Books telling me the new Carpaccio Guide Volume 5 is now out. I was pleasantly surprised to see they included some of my art again. I've got no idea what they used of mine, but I do know that the guide itself will be fabulous, based on receiving volume four a few months ago. Volume four is now sold out and I've got a feeling that five will soon as well. So, do yourself a favor and spring a few extra bucks to support great art and a wonderful independent publication. In the meantime I'll be buying mine and keeping my eyes peeled for the mail. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

splotch forms invade the tyee

I've got some Splotch Forms illustrating a series on the arts over at British Columbia news publication, The Tyee. It's an excellent series, so check it out when you get a moment!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I ended up going for the two for one deal this Illo Friday. I wanted to do an image of a baby animal trying to walk for last week's topic, "beginner".  In particular, a newborn giraffe was what I had in mind. Blogger was acting up last Thursday, and pressed for time I ended up not doing any drawing at all.  Then I saw this week's topic "safari" and was glad I could use my idea from last week as well. It's a quick drawing, done with a China marker on a brown paper bag on my lunch break. It's been a while since I've drawn on brown bag paper and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"we are monsters!" opening night at pleasant plains studios, washington d.c.

Kris and I took a little trip out to our nation's capital to drop by the "We Are Monsters!" opening night at Pleasant Plains Workshop, Friday evening. Of course a night on the town was not complete without a stroll in my Lamborghini, funded entirely by Splotch Monster sales.

When we got there, the weather was looking pretty ominous, with frightening lightening and dark skies. This didn't stop the place from packing it in, which was a very good thing.

The window front of P.P.W. featured a great trio of monster sculptures, made just for the show.

Anthony Dihle (the happy fella with the glasses and drink in hand), who helps run the studio curated the show, featuring 21 local artists. It was a real pleasure to be asked to be a part of this fantastic show, which runs until June 4, 2011.

Once again, the place was jam-packed.

Love these collages!

I really dug the drawings too - I'm a real sucker for black ink on paper works.

Sweet triptych!

I really enjoyed the wide range of artistic styles and formats going on in the show.

This little fella (above) was real charming - one of my favorite pieces of the night.

Cool little sculpture doll!

It was real nice to see some people interested in some of my work, which included nine Splotch Monsters and one Godzilla drawing. I also have a Moleskine book of Splotch Monsters on display for folks to leaf through at the back of the gallery. 

It was even nicer to see a couple of my works sell pretty quickly! Thanks! :)

DC Conspirator Evan Keeling had a couple of wicked works (above) at the show as well. 

There was something for everyone at the show.

The photo above was perhaps the most unique and nightmare-inducing piece of all. Awesome!

Thanks to Anthony and the Pleasant Plains Workshop crew, and to all the artists and folks who showed up and supported the art. If you're in DC, don't miss this show!

Goodnight and sleep tight yo (driving back home in the 'Ghini of course).

Monday, May 2, 2011

april monsters

With the exception of a "monster medley" I made last month, here are my five faves from April. It's finally starting to warm up in these parts, and the trees are full and green now, which means sum sum summertime is just around the bend. Still, I shouldn't wish my life away, waiting for an ideal time, or place for that matter. Will May be mad busy, as it always is for me this time of year? Of course it will. Does that mean I can't enjoy it? Of corse not. It's all about shifting one's perspective and approach to things. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but it certainly can be done. In the meantime, enjoy the critters and happy May!