Sunday, June 19, 2011

instagram sky show

With the weather getting so hot, I've been trying to get my evening walks in later, when things cool down. I usually walk around my town, Leesburg, VA for a little over an hour, getting about four miles in each time. It's my main form of exercise, and it definitely beats going to any gym. I've been trying to get my wife to come along with me, but for her, it wakes her up before her bedtime, which makes perfect sense, since the blood gets going again and the heart rate rises. For me though, I find it as a way to unwind and not think about all the things I have to do, etc. I think we think too much sometimes, or we do things to blunt our thinking, like watch lots of TV or drink too much. So, in a way, these walks are kind of like self-therapy. The bonus is when you get a good sky in the evening. A couple of days ago I got caught in a heavy rain but was lucky to find shelter under a nearby gazebo. Like most of the rain storms we get this way, they fall hard, then after about ten minutes or so, they're done. Usually the aftermath is a spectacular sky. After last week's rainfall, we got a couple of rainbows over Leesburg that started out very faint then got real bright and vivid, almost electric-looking. It reminded me of a visit to Trinidad a couple of years ago around Christmas, where almost every day, usually in the morning, if you got up early enough, you would see a rainbow or two. The ones over Leesburg didn't last long however, one of which came and went within about a minute, while the other for about ten, fading into the expanding, multiplying clouds above. Once again I was glad I had my i-phone to capture some of it, and then present it through the Instagram app, through several different filters.