Friday, July 8, 2011

another merry monster medley

Here's one more Splotch Monster medley, as I like to call the ones where I do a bunch on one page, rather than the typical one per day. I made both yesterday's and today's while watching Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" with my Manga and cartooning classes. Much like George Lucas' creatures from the Star Wars series, Miyazaki's films know no boundaries when it comes to character design and visual concepts. Both Lucas and Miyazaki influence my Splotch Monsters, as well as other art I do. Still, I credit drawing from nature and wildlife just as much when it comes to making Splotch Monsters, which I know was certainly a huge influence on both Miyazaki and Lucas.

In the meantime, I can't believe the two weeks I've had with my middle and high school summer art students are over already! Tomorrow we have our big art show and performances then I'll have officially completed my tenth year with the program. I find the kids can have an influence on me as well, when it comes to art-making, with their energy, sense of humor, ideas and unfiltered creativity. I really feel like this was one of the best summers I've had in the program and I'm really going to miss this group from 2011. Last year, for the most part, that wasn't really the case, because I had quite a few bad apples who really shouldn't have been enrolled. Sometimes, it can only take a few to ruin it, and as much as I tried every approach with them, it came down to their own personal attitudes in the end. I hope they found something else - some activity that better suited their needs this summer. In the meantime, I actually can't wait to do this all again next summer.