Wednesday, October 26, 2011

david hockney: "a bigger picture"

Above is a short film featuring paintings of the East Yorkshire Landscape by David Hockney at L.A. Louver gallery, from 2007. I had watched a recent documentary called "A Bigger Picture", which featured Hockney in action, like a man on a mission, painting these enormous landscapes on sight throughout his former home of rural England. To call this film a "triumph of the human spirit" would make me sound like a movie critic using another canned cliche', but that is exactly what this film is. It's interesting to see this acclaimed artist, approaching his seventies, decide to abandon his home of Los Angeles and literally get back to nature, driving along winding country roads with the aid of his loyal assistant, painting huge, greatly inspired canvases in rain or shine. I had wanted to blog about this great documentary for months now, but forgot about it until we had our first painting critique last night, for a grad class I'm currently taking.

I love Hockney's sense of color and he's never managed to pigeonhole himself into any type of style or genre, producing work with subject matter both inncoent and provocative. Here he takes on something as conventional as the landscape and does something magical. To see him in action and to hear him speak throughout the film deepens the viewer's appreciation of these works. It also makes you want to grab a brush, a canvass and some paints and head out to the country. You can view some clips from the film HERE in the meantime, but I strongly recommend watching it in its entirety.