Monday, October 31, 2011

october splotch monsters


I had a lot of difficulty choosing five favorites from the month of October, not because I didn't like any, but instead, quite the opposite. The Splotch Monster in the image directly above is what I believe to be the last one I made using black watercolors, created early in the month. The rest, including the ones featured below in this post, were done with India ink, a medium I wasn't too fond of at first, but now thoroughly enjoy. I've been making some on tan craft paper as well, and wasn't too sure about how I'd like them until I went with a "tree creature" theme and started drawing on the Splotch Forms. I've been trying to limit my materials when making these lately, and with these tree creatures, I've only drawn with a black calligraphy pen, to match the loose, almost ancient Sumi-e look the black ink forms take when on the tan paper (see bottom image). Going with strictly black ink for the forms, and using only back and white pen has opened up some fresh creative avenues when making these recent Splotch Monsters. I may continue the Sumi-e  style monsters and tree theme throughout November, however, I look forward to a return to more color soon.  In the meantime, have a Happy Halloween!