Sunday, November 27, 2011

blech 2 thanks

Blech 2, the second installment of classic Warp records, and Warp-related music old and new went down at Pittsburgh's Wood Street Galleries last Saturday night. My friend Chris (Slinky) and I were happy to play out some of our favorite tunes that evening, ranging from the more down-tempo and ambient style, to the dance-friendly tracks, as well as the more abstract stuff. A special thanks goes out to Chris for organizing the event, to Jonathan for all of his help, to Mary and Shaun for the choice beverages, to the folks who attended and especially to those who danced, and anyone else I might have missed. I also want to thank my legs and feet for not giving out on me while dancing like a happy madman to some of Chris' set. It was a real fun time and we hope to host another one in the near future!

Below is a classic from Black Dog Productions "Bytes" album, under the Balil alias, entitled "3/4 Heart", still sounding fresh as ever nearly two decades later. Until next time.