Wednesday, December 7, 2011

glass christmas ornaments by dario dehoyos

Last weekend Kris and I managed to get the Christmas tree, lights and ornaments up in our apartment, and it looks beautiful this year, mostly thanks to my wife's sense of design and decor. A real nice added touch to the tree this year included three glass ornaments created by Leesburg, VA glass artist Dario DeHoyos. I was so glad to see Dario drop by Kris' art show at King Street Coffee once again, as with her photo show last year. He brought some of his wonderful striped ornaments that evening to sell to the public for a real good, affordable price. All three photos pictured above include one ornament we purchased from him last year, as well as two from last Friday night. I think we'll have to make buying a piece or two from Dario every year a tradition now. It was good getting caught up with him last week, and we briefly talked about some ideas for some local art fairs and shows, which sound promising. In the meantime, look Dario up if you're in or around Northern Virginia, and interested in some real nice, original glass ornaments for your tree or home.