Sunday, December 4, 2011

kris loya art at king street coffee

Last Friday night my wife Kris had herself a little artist reception at Leesburg, Virginia's King Street Coffee. It was so good to see all of her beautiful work up and hanging on the walls, mixing and mingling so well with the festive sights and sounds of the holiday season. It was a big night for Kris, who has not done much painting at all since I first met her in person, about five years ago in her home country of Trinidad, where she was preparing for a big solo show at a local gallery there. In between then and now, she's made lots of gorgeous jewelry, learned to knit and crochet, worked on a variety of photography and craft endeavors, but never really concentrated much on her passion for painting, until very recently. It's been a very busy, even stressful ride during this time, dealing with the grueling process of immigration, working various jobs and studying as a student in the Integrative Nutrition program (she also just earned her certificate to be a health coach!), so the need to paint again was certainly there. While artists do strive for some recognition and financial gain for their hard work (and YES, it is indeed WORK), as Kris can tell you, it's all about the Primary Food, or that inner fulfillment achieved from taking part in the act of creating. It's a slow but steady process sometimes, and sometimes even frustrating. I know that my wife will do good things with her work and continue on this wonderful path she's just starting to travel upon. I want to thank Kimberly Nevin and K.S.C. for always supporting the work of local artists, Kris' friends and colleagues who showed up, my artist/teacher friends who dropped by (you guys are next!), Gary Rudinsky and friends for the great tunes, and my amazing wife for continuing to bring her lovely work into the world. Kris' art will continue to grace the walls of King Street Coffee until the end of December, so if you're in and around Leesburg, VA, stop in, grab a cup and see the art for yourself, in person!