Saturday, May 12, 2012

splotch monster talk

It's been a long time since I've posted any newer Splotch Monster art up here at the Go Flying Turtle blog, so I thought, while taking a break from some spring cleaning today, I'd do just that. It's been nice doing individual ones this past week (see above), spurred on by this month's local First Friday art night demo. The ones here in particular are all done on 8" x 10" watercolor paper, painted in watercolor and drawn using some Pigma Micron pens, Sharpee drawing pens and some colored gel pens. I'll be tackling a couple more word medleys real soon, which will probably take me up to number 1,000. After that, I won't be assigning any more numbers, as counting will no longer be relevant to me (and has always been kind of a headache anyway). From there, it will only be just the beginning with these Splotch Monsters, and I look forward to trying some new things and experimenting more with them.