Saturday, June 9, 2012

i'm in a star wars movie!

Well, sort of. A few years back I was contacted via Flickr about having some of my posted Star Wars drawings from when I was a boy featured in both a book and a movie about Star Wars fandom. I'm still not sure what's going on with the book, but I finally got around to seeing the movie on Netflix this evening - a fantastic, very funny, very serious documentary called The People vs George Lucas.  Made for (and by) fans who grew up with the original trilogy, and not intended for young kids, the movie addresses the pros and cons of the visionary film-maker's legacy. After having to fill out a bunch of relatively simple legal paperwork, I wasn't even sure if anything of mine would even make the final cut, but it sure did. About three minutes into the film at least five of my drawings were briefly shown in a cleverly composed pile of artwork by folks who grew up with the Star Wars films from the late seventies and early eighties (the only ones that count in my opinion, ha ha!). One of the drawings in the movie, my favorite, was my brother Dave's epic Star Wars spaceship battle done on a big, lined piece of computer paper my dad had brought home from work - the same type of paper I did my very first drawing on(a big blue crayon scribble at the age of three), which I still have, thanks to my mom's ability to save and cherish our art.  Seeing this really took me back to a time when all I thought about was Star Wars, and I think now of just how much it has inspired me in so many positive (and some negative, at least financially) ways.  Seeing these also reminds me of many of my current students who I have in art class, who draw Star Wars stuff now. In fact, it's so popular now, I ended up starting an after-school Star Wars Artists' club last spring, also as a personal tribute to the recently departed Ralph McQuarrie, the King of Star Wars art. In the meantime, do not hesitate to watch this movie, especially if you grew up with these films. Even if you didn't, it's a very good documentary, and that's not because I'm being biased, seriously! On a final note, I posted the original drawings that appeared in the film (in order) below, and I have to say, it was also pretty cool seeing my name, ever so tiny appear under the "Participants" portion of the movie's end credits.