Sunday, August 12, 2012

district comics signing at one more page books

Just a heads up for anyone interested. The beautiful new graphic novel compilation, "District Comics, an Unconventional History of Washington, DC" (Fulcrum) is available for order at now, and will be at a store near you soon! Authors and illustrators, including myself, will be present at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia next Sunday, August 19th, starting at 3PM, to sign available copies (and there will be a lot of us there that day!).  Below is a sneak peek at a spread I worked on, wonderfully edited by local comic star Matt Dembicki.  I just finished reading it and it's a truly fantastic collection of fascinating and quirky historical tales from the DC area. A lot more fun than your typical history book, I highly recommend this to both comic art and history fans alike. Hope to see a big turnout and a lot of books sold Sunday!