Wednesday, August 1, 2012

district comics, an unconventional history of washington, dc has arrived!

Yesterday a package from the Fulcrum Books publishing company arrived in the mail, including two advance copies of the new "District Comics, an Unconventional History of Washington, DC" book. I only got a brief glance at it earlier last weekend, but to finally see it and hold it in person is exciting.

Local comic book artist Matt Dembicki asked if I'd be interested in doing a story, and of course I agreed to it, though I was a little nervous being this would be my first "real" endeavor into making a comic strip.  Though it was a very short story, it still seemed like somewhat of a daunting task. I decided to focus on something that was close to my heart, which would be the subject of wildlife conservation. The story of Tai Shan, a giant panda who was born and lived at Washington DC's National Zoo interested and fascinated me and was a great way to help raise some awareness regarding the species and it's rapidly dwindling numbers. Based on a WWF report from 2004, around 1,000 giant pandas survive in the wild, which is alarming, and there are some reports counting them only in the hundreds currently.

While the story is based on fact, as all of the stories in this book are, it was told with a fictional twist, narrated by a crow who once knew the panda, making it a little more fun and accessible for all ages, and hopefully for those who might not have been too interested in the subject to begin with.  Matt did an amazing editing job, tying up all of the loose ends in the book, and I'm so glad to be just a small part of such an amazing group effort. Also, the cover art by illustrator Brooke Allen is superb!

On Sunday, August 19 at 3PM there will be an official book launch signing at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia. Matt and I, along with many contributors will be there, so please drop on by that day, say hi and grab yourself a signed copy!