Wednesday, August 8, 2012

drawing trees at franklin park

I managed to make some time to draw this afternoon for a few hours. Again, I brought along the JetPen and Moleskine sketchbook and paid a visit to Franklin Park out west in Purcellville, Virginia. It was already terribly hot but I managed to quickly find a patch of trees and shade just near the park's entrance and set up shop, hardly feeling the heat at all. While sitting and drawing underneath trees in the summer can be great, with the cool air and sounds of birds and insects, the downside is those insects occasionally falling down on you (or your sketchbook) and crawling around. A few times some very large, black and reddish ants dropped out of the trees to pay me a visit, and admittedly, it was annoying, but that's the great outdoors for you, and it was just a minor issue, if any. I want to do some quicker, more spontaneous sketches soon, but I took my time with this one since I'll be having an art print of it made for an upcoming show in September. Ok then, off to the shower!