Friday, August 3, 2012

plaza las americas, san juan, puerto rico/ artist of the week: jo schneider

Jo Schneider's multicolored raindrop sculptures (see above) feeding into Nick Quijano's "Riachuelo" art medallian below.

Back to the San Juan, Puerto Rico posts, I decided to focus on the Plaza Las Americas mall before doing a miscellaneous post, mainly because of the artwork found throughout the place. Kris and I decided to spend an afternoon at this big mall because they were calling for storms all day. The storms never happened, however I did get to see some amazing art that afternoon.

"Riachuelo" ("Stream") by Nick Quijano (above), which depicts rivers, streams and other bodies of water that feed Puerto Rico's rainforest "El Yunque" and other forests on the Island.

If you clicked on the link in the first paragraph, you'll learn about the team of artists whose work interacts throughout the mall and the meaning behind the art on exhibit. While everyone's work is exceptional, sculptor Jo Schneider's large-scale sculptural pieces took on a truly magical presence at the mall, in most cases interacting with the work of the other artists throughout the building.  I decided to merge the mall post with my "artist of the week" post, which features the work of Jo Schneider, whose work made our visit to Plaza Las Americas anything but mundane. 

A coquí (tree frog), a lizard and a snake sculpture (above) by Jo Schneider , appear to be floating in the air.

Jo Schneider's sculpture representing the sun and its life-giving rays (above).

There were quite a few other works, mainly the beautiful art medallions gracing the floors of the mall, that I probably missed unfortunately. Perhaps next time we visit I'll make more of an effort to find them. If you're in San Juan, even if you aren't fond of malls, but like great art, check this place out. The mall itself was great too, and Kris was able to find a lot of clothes and styles that she preferred, that we would never find in our area, for some very good prices.

A dynamic fountain with fish, a manatee and sea turtle sculptures, representing endangered wildlife of the region, and their important role as part of the ecosystem, by Jo Schneider (above).  This was probably my favorite set of pieces of all, and they have to be seen in person to truly believe! You can view more of Jo's work HERE, in the meantime.