Monday, September 10, 2012

collaboration with andrea

A couple of years ago artist Andrea Martinez, who I knew as "Big A" sent me a watercolor Moleskine to collaborate with her in. I followed her work shortly after I began blogging years ago and she has become one of my favorite artists on the planet. I've worked on and off in it during the past couple of years, laying down colorful watercolor washes for which she'll later draw on top of. Unfortunately, I'd clean the studio and shelve the book away with my other sketchbooks, only to forget I even had it. Finally, after some friendly reminders from Andrea, I've completed most of it and will be sending it off for her to work on later this week. Pictured here are some sample shots  taken with the I-phone. I'm so pleased to collaborate with Andrea and am looking forward to what she'll add to the pages of her book!