Thursday, June 27, 2013

neal martineau art at the blue moon cafe, shepherdstown, wva

A couple of days ago, shortly after Dave and I got finished with taking down and hanging some art at Hypnocoffe in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, we got cleaned up and went for a bite and a drink at the Blue Moon Cafe, not far down the road. I was starving at this point and all I could think about was their amazing "Philly Shroom" sub and fries, something I ate my first visit to this great restaurant a few months ago. The Philly Shroom proved to be just as good the second time around, but the real and totally unexpected treat was the art hanging on the walls of the place. 

What I first noticed was a sign that said "Old Fart Art", which admittedly sort of repelled me at first, though grabbed my attention. Then I actually took a closer look at the work on the walls - these unique, gorgeous, colorful and brilliantly composed prints that looked like something straight out of AVAM or Raw Vision Magazine. The work was by a fella named Neal Martineau, who lives in the Shepherdstown area.

Upon further research, I didn't discover too much at all about the man's art, however, apparently, Neal is something of a big deal, penning some of the most legendary advertising lines in history while working in New York City in the 1960s. These days he spends a good deal of his time focusing on his art, and I have to say, he's become and instant favorite of mine.

I probably would have called Mr. Martineau and ordered a few of his prints on the spot, but now that Kris and I will most likely be new homeowners in about a month, we've been pinching the pennies more these days. Still, his prices were excellent and soon enough, some Neal Martineau art will be added to my personal collection, being that my birthday's not too far off from now.

Time to enjoy a summer jam courtesy of Sweet Trip.