Friday, July 26, 2013

modern master: jj cromer

Have you ever heard of a Zoophrion? How about Jumbo Baby Snaps? Have you ever met the Asterisk Man or worn a Dough Suit? Perhaps you know a thing or two about Ludic Paws and Microptica. If you aren't familiar with such terms, perhaps you should pay a visit to the wonderful world of JJ Cromer art. As for me personally, I can get lost in this world for hours on end, as this extremely prolific, self-taught Pound,Virginia artist creates some of the most richly detailed and extraordinarily imaginative art in the known universe. JJ Cromer's ever-evolving visual language is akin to a satisfying feast offering a multitude of scents and flavors. One woman, upon seeing and purchasing a piece at a recent show accurately described his work as being delicious to look at. This is precisely what I thought upon first seeing it in Raw Vision Magazine, as well as at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. You can read an excellent bio on JJ from AVAM's site HERE.  If you want to keep up with some of JJ's smaller works, see his collection of old photographs, as well as witness some of his adventures in beekeeping, follow his blog at Old Old Old Virginia. To purchase or inquire about JJ Cromer's art, stop by American Primitive or Grey Carter Objects of Art. In fact, I highly recommend scheduling a visit to check out Grey's amazing collection if you're in the Northern Virginia area (or even if you aren't). In the meantime, I gladly look forward to seeing what Mr. Cromer creates and presents to the world in the not-too-distant future.