Friday, July 19, 2013

modern master : josh keyes

I can't quite recall when or how I learned of the work of Josh Keyes, but it was most likely through an article in Juxtapoz magazine a few years back. I was immediately drawn to his work, which consists of an interesting and successful blend of contrasts, mixing modernist minimalism with classical realism, transmitting subtle and surreal messages that simultaneously smack one upside the head with a boulder-sized dose of cold, hard reality. Josh is an artist of our age, yet his images will forever remain ageless, either serving as a catalyst for change or a document of continual decline. His story is an inspiring one as well, as his success as an artist came later in life after honing his skills as a painter while earning his MFA. I can't say I've ever had the fortune of seeing Josh Keyes' work in person, though I am lucky to own a rare exhibit catalogue and print (thanks to my wife) from one of his solo shows a few years back. Josh currently has work on exhibit in a group show called "Otherworld" in Seattle, and you can follow his latest work HERE in the meantime.