Saturday, July 20, 2013

modern master: mark van hoen

I first heard the music of Mark Van Hoen in the form of his production work for the band Seefeel in the mid-nineties. Shortly after, I found his album "Truth is Born of Arguments" under the alias Locust, and had been hooked on his sound ever since, starting my quest to find and listen to all recordings related to this remarkable master of sound. Trying to compile and feature tracks here at this post was somewhat of a headache, since there was simply too much to choose from, be it the more song-oriented stylings of Scala and Sneakster, to the more experimental tracks under his own name, to the experimental pop-leanings of Locust, his catalogue is vast and continues to grow. In interviews Mark has mentioned the need for an intuitive approach (see below) to making and producing electronic music and his preference for analogue sounds. Inspired by an interesting personal revelation in his own life, regarding his own origins and family, in 2012 Mark released the extraordinary and introspective "The Revenant Diary" LP, which was influenced by some of his recently unearthed and previously unheard early recordings, harkening back to his preference for a more honest, intuitive sound. He also relaunched his Locust alias this year, after a dozen years of silence, with the excellent "You'll Be Safe Forever" LP.  Let's hope Mark continues to create deep, quality sounds in an ever-growing word of empty, disposable bubblegum pop. Let's hope he also continues to collaborate with the likes of the amazing Maria Minerva (as seen below) and releases an album.