Saturday, September 21, 2013

new art collaboration with jj cromer

Recently I posted a drawing I made of an alligator snapper, which eventually served as the header to this blog. It was part of the latest and fourth Mail Me Art project with the theme "Open All Hours". Darren DiLieto, who runs the project from the UK said however that the interpretation of the theme could be as broad as you want it to be. I also wanted to see if JJ Cromer, who collaborated with me last year on a dozen works as part of a series titled "Splotch/Asterisk", might be interested in collaborating again, this time on the MMA4 piece. Thankfully JJ was down for the collab, and Darren was cool with it as well, and yesterday I received the finished piece in the mail from JJ. As with previous collaborations, I didn't really know what to expect, but as always JJ surpassed all expectations. There was really nothing else I could possibly add to the piece, so after scanning and photographing the drawing, I sent it out in the mail to Darren early this morning. In 2015 it'll be part of the Mail Me Art 4: Open All Hours book from The Little Chimp Society, as well as the exhibition(s) that Darren sets up with each book release. It's going to be a while, since the MMA3: Short & Sweet project is just winding down a bit. You can still buy copies of the current book, which is a real delight, as well as participate in the latest project by getting involved HERE!